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With the right content strategy, you can position yourself as the logical choice within your industry.

OOKAS Content Mapping

Content Marketing is About Building Trust

In the age where everyone is blowing their trumpet on how good their product is, content marketing takes a step back and places your target audience first. 

It was designed to answer to your customer’s concerns in advance or highlight their problems throughout the journey. 

When you combine content with your buyer’s journey, you can build multiple touchpoint throughout their journey – making you stay on top of their mind.

The Content Marketing Process

Audience Profiling

We define your audience based on their behaviour, demographic, pain points and goals.

Content Strategy

We further segment them into platforms and places where they hangout for channel planning.

Content Clusters

We then map out their concerns in form of content by segmenting them into clusters

Content Production

We create long form content subsequently slice it down into smaller pieces for channel distribution.

Promotion & Distribution

The content will be distributed on the channels that your audience is most active on.

Review & Monitor

We look at the business metric i.e. leads or revenue generated to find out how we can better improve.

We Practice What We Preach

By using what we mentioned above, we’ve helped our client nurture prospects into customers. Here’s some real life case studies.

From PM to Asking Recommendation

In just 4 months, this piece has generated more than 6,083 Unique Page Views with 2 minutes session on time.

The best part is quality of audience – where they turned from “PM” culture into sales-ready leads.

We Sold 10X Routers Without “Selling”

We sold them without any ad spend or hard core pushy sales.

We did in-depth product reviews as we know our audiences are searching for this.

As a result, we sold them without pushing ads (we even got ranked on Google!)

OOKAS Product Reviews

They Remember Us

Because we created content around their journey – from generic problem to ready-to-buy (a.k.a. watching reviews).

They ended up buying from our client – the reason is simple – we’ve built trust since the beginning and they know we will be there to support them.

OOKAS Content Mapping

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a monthly retainer based on the work required to complete your services.

There are 3 ways we can work together:

  1. Hiring VD as a consultant
  2. Specific done-for-you packages
  3. Outsourcing the whole department to VD

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