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I spoke with a business owner who was facing some challenges.

This is something that I wanted to address because so many of you fall into this trap. Even I did, until not long ago.

He shared that his customers pool are shrinking and he can’t find a way to reach new prospects.

This is a common issue when you don’t have clarity over your buyer’s journey.

Here’s what will happen:

  • You spent countless hours writing blog, creating social media posts, optimizing for SEO but it didn’t give you the result that you wanted.
  • You tried running ads online, but it is not profitable.
  • You kept writing about product features that only you cared about. 
  • You don’t know who to listen to. There are massive information overload online, literally every Tom, Dick and Harry claiming that they are an online marketing expert – that you don’t know who you should trust.

You just aren’t sure what you’re working on can provide you the business result you wanted.

As bad as the above things are – here’s what’s worse: 

On top of the new things you have to try, you still have to work on your core business activities – product sourcing, supplier negotiation and many more.

Here’s what will happen if you are marketing around your buyer’s journey:

  • Generated 400K sales via online lead generation [in B2B niche]
  • 3X Sales when we added a simple product video online [with no marketing changes]
  • Generated 3,023 traffic with SEO for a brand new site in 2 months
  • Ranked 12 Keywords in Google first page for a fresh site in 2 months
  • Sold 10X ~RM600 products the moment we launch [with 0 ad spend]
  • Plus tonnes more
Growth Framework
This is the marketing framework that we used to craft effective marketing strategies.

The Importance of Having A Buyer's Journey

By understanding where your audience hang out online, their behaviours, we can influence them from stranger into hot-raging fans.

Here are a few real life case studies we did:

Case Study 1 – How We Generated 400K with Online Lead Gen for B2B Client

They are selling industrial grade machines which costs RM 30K and above, they’ve approached us to generate leads online.

As we looked through the buyer’s journey, here’s what we found out:

  • It takes 6-7 meetings to close the deal.
  • As it is an investment heavy machine, they typically requires a lot more information to decide.
  • All deals requires salesperson to follow up.

To entice the target audience, what we did was to create a landing page that houses a series of whitepaper guides (PDF files) with their concerns.

Then we drive traffic to the page with Google Ads.

In 6 month’s time, we generated ~180 leads with 400K revenue, with less than 6K ad spend.

Case Study 2 – Turning eCommerce Seller into Marketing Powerhouse

He is an e-Commerce seller that sells technical products on marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee &

He wanted to increase exposure outside of marketplaces. 

When you look into the buyer’s journey – marketplaces are filled with ready-to-buy buyers. The question now is – how can we attract people outside of marketplaces?

When we looked into the buyer’s journey, we found out that:

  • People read a lot of reviews before they buy
  • They seek for validation in Facebook groups, reddit and
  • They watch a lot of videos too.

With that on mind, we created a brand new website with guides and tools to help people to make decision.

In less than 2 months, we drove 3,023 traffic with organic search with a combination of product review videos and articles.

We created a Facebook group that attracted like-minded people that discuss around the topic.

Our audience moved from writing “PM” to asking recommendations directly.

To the point where we sold 10X new product launch with 0 ad spend, all we did was to share it with the group. 

If this is something you would want to explore on, please do read on.

OOKAS Content Mapping
When we map buyer's concern vs content, it will drill down to which platform we can focus on.

Here's How We Can Work Together

We are very strict with client selection and we only work with partners that are committed to grow online with long term thinking.

If you are thinking that:

  • Clicking a few buttons will earn you 300K in a week
  • Expecting 1,000 QUALIFIED leads in a day
  • Ranking on Google #1 in the very first day

Chances are we are not a good fit. 

However, if you really want to:

  • Build a long term sustainable business
  • Want to leverage on digital landscape for more leads / business
  • Building a reputable brand online 

Then let’s have a chat to see if we are a good fit to help you on your digital marketing.

It will be a free consultative session to find out:

  • The business issue that you are trying to solve
  • What are the low hanging fruits we can tackle immediately for immediate results
  • How digital marketing can solve your business issue

All you need to do is to click on the button below, fill in some information, and I’ll give you a call personally.

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